We have common goals

We are a system of connected vessels, in which the quality of work of each of us translates into the results of other employees and entire products.

We co-create the company

Being aware of our contribution to creating the company on a daily basis gives us a sense of shared responsibility. It develops a strong bond, not only on business but also on social level. The friendly atmosphere in the team helps in our work. A good company ought to be a well-organised form of friendship (Herbert N.Casson)

We cooperate, ensuring high quality of communication

In order to achieve the goals, we follow the principle of cooperation, which is expressed in teamwork. It requires high quality communication at all levels.

We gather knowledge

Knowledge is one of the most valuable ingredients of success. Developing knowledge begins with the highest possible education, which is then supplemented by taking part in many internal and external trainings, courses and industry conferences.

And we share our knowledge

We pass our knowledge and experience to young logistics students in schools and universities with logistic profile. To do this, we organize lectures and seminars, enable practical learning of the profession in our facilities, and host groups of young people pursuing their logistics education.

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