Frequently Asked Questions

What information should be in my CV?

The information in the CV should be first of all truthful and up to date. When preparing a CV, you should pay attention to a reliable description of your work experience. In addition to the job title, it is necessary to describe the responsibilities carried out. Without this information, the recruiter will not be able to assess whether the candidate’s professional profile is close to the expectations.

How can I submit an application?

To apply for an advertisement placed in the “Job offers” tab on our company website, simply click on the “Apply” button. If you want to apply in response to a recruitment advertisement placed on one of the recruitment portals, follow the instructions in the advertisement. The most common way to apply is to complete the online recruitment form.
You can also apply by sending documents to .

I have a problem completing the application form - how can I make sure that the application has reached the company?

After completing the recruitment form, each candidate receives an automatic feedback about the application submission via e-mail. If this information does not arrive, you can make sure that we have received your application by contacting us, sending an inquiry to

What if at the moment there are no job offers for a position that interests me?

All candidates who would like to participate in future applications are invited to submit a spontaneous application. The best way to do this is to fill out the form

work with us

How many stages does the recruitment process consist of?

Recruitment consists of four stages. A description of each stage can be found in the “Recruitment process” tab.

Is the foreign language skills verified during the recruitment interview?

Yes, always, if the foreign language skills were indicated in the recruitment announcement. This is most frequent in the case of positions in the international forwarding and logistics departments.

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Does every candidate who submits an application receive information about the recruitment results?

No, only candidates who participated in interviews receive information about the recruitment results.

How long do I need to wait for information about recruitment results?

Usually a few days. If the recruitment and selection process is longer, we try to inform candidates who participated in the interviews about the expected completion date.

How will I receive information about the recruitment result?

Candidates are informed about the recruitment results by e-mail or by telephone.

How can I apply for an internship or work placement in the company?

Internships and work placements are organized throughout the year. Students and graduates interested in an internship or work placement in our company should send their CV to In the message, specify the department of our company and the location in which the student would like to have an internship or work placement.
Internship and work placement programs are created in such a way as to enable obtaining the most knowledge about a given job and ro prepare for taking up employment in the structures of the TFL industry.

What do we expect from the candidates?

We focus primarily on people with a real passion for what they do, who are committed and able to work in a team to achieve a common goal.

I want to become a Customs Broker. What authorisations do I need to have?

A candidate applying for the position of the Customs Broker should have a current registration on the customs brokers list. A natural person is entered on the customs brokers list if they meet the following conditions:
1) has full legal capacity to act;
2) is qualified (completed university or post-graduate studies in economic, legal or technical sciences, covering the knowledge and skills of administrative and financial law, in particular customs law) or has an experience in the field of customs services for business entities (minimum 3 years);
3) has not not been sentenced by a valid sentence for a crime involving document fraud, property, trade, trading in money and securities or a tax crime;
4) applied for an entry on the list of customs brokers.
To obtain an entry on the list of customs brokers you need to submit a written application to the Director of the Tax Administration Chamber in Warsaw.
Details of the procedure for entry on the list of customs brokers can be found at:

I want to become a Storekeeper. What authorisations do I need to have?

Candidates applying for the position of Storekeeper – Forklift Operator are required to submit a handling equipment operation certification. The body authorized to issue the certification is the Office of Technical Inspection. The authorisation categories required for this position are I WJO or II WJO.

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