Customs agency JAS-FGB S.A.

JAS-FBG S.A. offers professional and reliable customs services to its clients, providing a dense network of customs agency locations, on every border and in many cities inside the country and abroad. Our clients, by submitting one authorization, indicate the most convenient locations for them. Our company, as one of the first ones, received a concession to provide customs services from the Director of the Central Customs Office. Currently, we possess a team of excellent specialists in customs law, capable of resolving the most complicated problems for our clients. JAS-FBG’s comprehensive customs services give you a wide range of possibilities.

We offer:

  • A full range of customs services related to import and export of goods under all customs procedures;

  • Transit clearance based on WPT Conventions;

  • Securing payments of a customs debt;

  • Representing the client in the process of legalization of certificates of origin, A.TR and EUR.1 movement certificates;

  • Opening TIR and ATA carnets;

  • INTRASTAT declaration services;

  • Bonded and customs warehousing services;

  • Comprehensive services related to foreign trade in goods using solutions tailored to individual customer needs.

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