Logistics and warehousing

JAS-FBG offers logistics and warehousing services, which allow us to maintain a flexible distribution system adjusted to the changing conditions of the market. The individual treatment of each client is the basis of this service. Logistic operations are adjusted to the client’s needs.

JAS-FBG S.A. warehouses are up-to-date class A objects with the capability of high storage (up to 10 meters), certified for foodstuff and industrial storage and, upon arrangement, for the storage of hazardous materials. The warehouses are located near the most important cities in Poland, with a particular consideration of the Silesian agglomeration..

We offer a full range of logistics services:

  • Handling (unloading/loading);
  • Warehousing and storage of goods;

  • Warehouse status reporting, especially providing information about the qualitative and quantitative status of the warehoused goods;

  • Palletizing goods;

  • Cross docking;

  • Co-packing;
  • Order picking;

  • Picking;

  • Labelling;

  • Cold storage;

  • Return packaging management.

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