Rail forwarding

We provide transportation by rail to all parts of Poland, Russia and CIS countries, specializing in full load cargos. We monitor the transport of cargo at the client’s request. We organize reloads at junctions with different width tracks. By organizing reloads of cargo from rail to road vehicles and vice versa, at our own warehouses or otherwise, we offer freight forwarding following the “door-to-door” system.

  • Thanks to the strong cooperation with our warehouses, whose role is not only to store cargo, we are able to provide our clients who do not have permanent access to a railway infrastructure (e.g. private siding) with the service of reloading sensitive cargo, without the danger of exposing it to negative factors such as atmospheric conditions. Practical help and consulting regarding rail freight are available to all of our clients.
  • The organization of customs clearances for import and export at railway border crossings completes our rail freight offer.

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