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The Policy is directed to the users of (hereinafter: “Website”). The Policy covers the terms for gathering and using the data of the Website’s users, which is collected directly from said users or through cookies and similar technologies.

The personal data controller is JAS-FBG S.A. with its registered seat at the address of ul. Kolejowa 17 in Katowice, 40-706 Katowice (hereinafter: “Controller”). 

In matters concerning the processing of your personal data by the Controller, please contact us by e-mail to or physically to the aforementioned address of the Controller’s registered seat.

All personal data is processed by the Controller pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter “GDPR”). 

The Controller processes your personal data with respect of all legal and technical requirements imposed upon the Controller by commonly effective personal data protection provisions.

We guarantee that your personal data shall remain confidential within the limits established by this policy and by commonly effective provisions of the law.

§1 Scope of the collected data.

1. The Website gives you the opportunity to contact the Controller and provide your identification and contact details as well as the data related to the content of the message sent through the contact forms available on our website.

2. The Website uses cookies in order to ensure proper operation. We may also use own cookies for analytical and marketing purposes, specifically in order to adapt advertising content to your preferences. 

3. The following tools are used to support the Website:

  • Google Analytics, which is used to collect data for purposes of analyses and statistics concerning visits to the Website.
  • Hotjar Tracking, which is used to collect data for purposes of analyses and statistics concerning visits to the Website.
  • Pixel Facebook, which is used to collect data for purposes of analyses and statistics concerning visits to the Website.
  • Facebook Ads, which is used to carry out advertising campaigns in social media.

4. Use of analytical and marketing cookies requires your consent, which you may provide by clicking “Accept”. If you do not want to grant consent to use of specific cookie categories by us and our partners, please go to “Manage Cookies” and set your preferences. Expressed consent may be withdrawn at any time by entering the appropriate changes in cookies preferences.  

5. Using cookies for the aforementioned purposes requires processing of your personal data. The personal data Controller is JAS-FBG S.A. with its registered seat in Katowice. In certain instances, our partners may also serve as data controllers. For more information about the use of cookies by us and our partners and about personal data processing, including your relevant rights, please visit the following:

• Google Analytics:

• Hotjar:

• Facebook:

§2 Data sources.

1. If you contacted the Controller through e.g. the forms available on the Website, you have provided your data directly.

2. If your data was provided in scope of a matter handled by an individual who referred it to the Controller, the source of the data is said individual. In this case, the Controller receives the identification data, address details, and the case-related information such as the case specification.

3. For data provided under advance consent to its processing, you have the right to withdraw said consent at any time by announcing the desire to do so to the Controller. Withdrawal of your consent may make it difficult or impossible to contact you.

4. When making contact through the contact form provided on the Website, providing data for purposes of the matter is strictly voluntary, but nonetheless required in order to have the matter resolved effectively. If the data is not provided, the matter may be difficult or impossible to resolve.

5. Providing data required for purposes of static analysis of the Website’s users is strictly voluntary. You can use the so-called incognito mode to browse the website without providing information about your visit to the Website to the Controller. Using the incognito mode, i.e. failing to provide the data, has no effect on use of the Website.

§3 Personal data processing objective and legal grounds.

Your data may be processed for the following purposes:

• analysing network traffic, ensuring security of the Website, and adapting content to the needs of the users pursuant to the legitimate interests of the Controller (GDPR art. 6 section 1 point f);

• responding to inquiries, providing the requested offer, and conducting correspondence in order to resolve a matter pursuant to your consent and the legitimate interest of the Controller, which is fulfilment of user requests  (GDPR art. 6 section 1 points a and f);

• fulfilling agreements concluded with the data subject or taking action preceding conclusion of an agreement requested by said data subject, including provision of the services offered by the Controller (GDPR art. 6 section 1 point b).

§4 Rights in scope of personal data processing resulting from GDPR 

You have the right to the following: 

  • to request the Controller to provide access to your data and to request a copy of said data
    (GDPR art. 15);
  • to request the Controller to correct or rectify the data (GDPR art. 16) – in reference to requesting data correction if you should notice incorrect or incomplete data;
  • to request the Controller to delete data (GDPR art. 17);
  • to request the Controller to restrict processing (GDPR art. 18) – e.g. when you notice incorrect data, you have the right to demand that the processing of your data be restricted for the time required for us to check its correctness);
  • to file complaints towards the processing performed by the Controller of your personal data to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

§5 Recipients of your personal data

Your personal data will only be received by entities authorised to receive it pursuant to proviso ions of the law. Your personal data will also be received by employees of the Controller. Furthermore, your data may be provided to courier services, postal services, IT service providers, and providers of other services required for purposes of the matter at hand.

The Controller does not share your personal data with third countries. The Website uses Google Analytics tools, which may involve Google sharing your personal data with third countries. The policy on data collected by Google Analytics is available at the following address:

The User’s personal data may be shared in the required scope with data recipients – entities providing supporting services to the Controller in scope of personal data processing entrustment in relation to use of the services provided by said entities.

§6 Data storage time

1. Your personal data will be stored throughout the time required to resolve the given matter or until withdrawal of your consent for its processing. However, we reserve the right to store the required data until expiration of claims of the parties in scope of fulfilment of the matter in question.

2. Network traffic analysis data gathered through cookies and similar technologies may be stored until the cookies expire. Certain cookies never expire. In such cases, the time of storage shall correspond to the time required by the Controller to fulfil data gathering objectives such as ensuring safety and analysing historic website traffic data.

§7 Application of cookies and similar technologies 

The Website makes it possible to gather information about the user through cookies and similar technologies, the use of which usually requires installation of said tool on the user’s device (computer, smartphone, etc.). This information is used to remember the user’s decisions (selected font, contrast, policy acceptance), preserve the user’s session (e.g. after signing in), remember the password (subject to approval), and collect information on the user’s device and visit for purposes of ensuring security, visit analysis, and content customisation.

The information obtained through cookies and similar technologies is not combined with data of other users of the Website and is not used for identification purposes by the Controller. 

The user may configure the browser to block certain types of cookies and other technologies by permitting e.g. only the ones necessary for proper display of the website. Most browsers allow all cookies by default, but the user may change the settings in question at any time and can also delete already installed cookies. All browsers support such actions through an option available in settings or preferences.

The user can also use the website ‘incognito’ to block the option to gather data from the visit.

Use of the website without reconfiguration of the browser, i.e. with default configuration of cookies and similar technologies, constitutes consent to their use for the aforementioned purposes. The Controller does not use the obtained information for marketing purposes. 

§8 Final provisions

1. The Controller applies technological and organisational measures ensuring protection of the processed personal data adequate to the hazards and data categories subject to protection. Specifically, the Controller secures the data from unauthorised access, unauthorised removal, processing in violation of effective provisions, change, loss, damage, or destruction.

2. The Controller provides appropriate technological measures preventing unauthorised acquisition and modification of the personal data provided in electronic format.

3. Matters not regulated by this Policy are subject to the appropriate provisions of GDPR and other appropriate provisions of Polish law.

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